Here you will find a collection of poetry I’ve written over the years, ranging over a broad selection of subjects—nothing is off limits. You will also find a sprinkle of poems written by others (covering a large spectrum of poets) that have inspired me and that I fell in love with on the first read, and then re-read again and again because poetry is amazing and mesmerizing and reading a poem only once is simply and injustice.

Chasing the Rising Sun

Waking to frigid summer

air licking toes

sticking out from my

worn, white comforter.

Absentmindedly rolling

over, sleepy seeds crusting

freshly opened eyes,

searching for the source

of a surprisingly cool

summer morning.

Sheer curtains tickling

the thin layer of blonde

hair along my arm while

gentle sun kisses

sunburnt cheeks.

Through freshly paint

speckled windows

the birds sing – my senses


I see shadows dapple

black pavement and grassy lawns

of a neighborhood

chasing the rising sun.