I keep telling myself it’s been four long

years, when in reality, they flew by faster than I

could keep up with.

Catapulted into the reality of the future and

adulthood, a full-time job, no more classes, no summer

break and yet, I feel a sense of calm and tranquility. Along

with a sense of accomplishment and pride in all that I’ve achieved

throughout my years of schooling.

Keeping up grades, juggling a part-time job, friend groups, roommates, and

every other stepping stone leading me to the diploma I can finally say I

hold in my hand.

There I was, walking across the stage. Eight thousand audience members – family

members and friends, fellow graduates – all looking at my outstretched arm. Shaking

hands, raising fists in excitement and glee, taking hold of that piece of paper worth

much more than what it looks like.

And I smiled, to myself, for the rest of the day, because now I can say,

“I did it.”


Future? Adulthood? The real world?

I am ready for you – for all of it.


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