I greedily rummaged through

cupboards at age four –

searching for a cure to my

sweet-tooth in what seemed an

endless void of black, empty darkness.


Then I saw the light

reflected off a shiny corner of

aluminum candy wrapper,

tucked behind a bag of Dominos flour

and that orange box of… something.


Climbing on the paint peeling

pink stool living in the corner I

reached back, being forced onto tip-toes

before finally reaching the

half-eaten candy bar.


Anxiously pulling the bar

toward me, and quickly

unwrapping what was left –

feeling the anticipation in my

grumbling, empty stomach.


But then I took that first,

unsatisfying taste, only to

experience my first lesson in



And I’ll never forget the

taste on those four year old

taste buds – sharp, biting, and

nowhere as sweet as my naive

self thought it would be.


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