Rain pours down in sheets,

soaking blue jeans and a once warm,

comfortable sweater. Grudgingly, I

climb into my pickup truck and dread the

hour ride stretched out menacingly before me.

But I crank the new album I downloaded and watch

time and trees fly by until I reach the exit, and

pull off the highway – following back roads to a

familiar driveway where I’m greeted by the

aroma of many cheeses and freshly cooked

bacon. Sizzling together in the oven, waiting for me to

consume greedily. Soon I’m sitting on our

usual blue couch. Netflix loading, I pull you close, a

heaping bowl of your homemade Mac & Cheese in my lap.

Waiting impatiently for The Shining to cover the screen.

Wiggling into a comfortable position, in sweatpants and an

over sized flamingo T-shirt, I’m mesmerized by the

comfort and familiarity I’ve found of in this

lifestyle we’ve created – together.


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