maybe it depends on your worldview,

and your life up until the point where you look

at the word written on a black board in white

crumbling chalk and notice your view is

vastly different than that of your peers.

they raise their hands one by one and answer

the question of what is control, and what does it

mean and your mind wanders instantly to the relationship

between your mother and father.

the answers roll in:

certainty. stability, confidence. power. influence

and suddenly the teacher is pointing at you and you feel

your mouth dry up, your breathing quicken and your pulse

jumping out of your wrist because to you control is

force. hurt. no way out. submissive.

but when you gain your voice you realize his control isn’t

on her alone. it’s on you. because your memory jumps to him

and all the negativity surrounding him.


by white words crumbling on a black chalkboard, realizing

it is not as simple as black and white.



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